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United Renewable Energy Adds Jobs in Alpharetta.

posted by URE on January 14, 2010

Solar power in Georgia is already fueling job growth. Alpharetta based United Renewable Energy, LLC (URE) has recently added four new employees to their full time staff. An additional twelve independent representatives (IREPs) have been developed through its partner sales program, bringing income to many unemployed and underemployed workers in metro Atlanta. “The IREP program was built to channel the hundreds of inquiries received from people interested in working for a solar energy business.  Now, “Green Collar” workers can associate with a world-class solar integration company through a simple process. By building the solar infrastructure in Georgia, and educating workers in this field, URE is helping realize the promise of renewable energy in fueling an economic recovery in Georgia.

One of the missions of URE is to develop the excellent solar resource in Georgia. By adhering to the most stringent standards and quality workmanship, URE has quickly become a dominant player in the East Coast renewable energy market. With utility, commercial and residential installations, URE has grown as the rest of the economy has suffered with unprecedented layoffs and downsizing. By carefully guiding business owners through the process of buying solar, URE assists Georgians in taking advantage of the extensive renewable resources that Georgia has to offer. With approximately 5 sun hours per day, Georgia is an excellent resource for solar energy.

By focusing on education URE has brought solar energy into discussions with utilities, schoolrooms, historic preservation commissions, homeowners associations and music festivals. The state of Georgia is hungry to learn about renewable energy, and URE continues to educate hundreds of Georgians annually through their LASO (Learn about Solar) programs. URE is featured on the Environmental Education in Georgia website at: http://www.eeingeorgia.org/net/org/info.aspx?s=74634.0.0.4863  and is available for appointments to  teach your organization or classroom about solar. Additionally, URE consults on policy, distributed generation, community solar regulations and best practices for solar photovoltaic energy. URE’s dedicated staff offers their best every day to continue to increase jobs and solar infrastructure in Alpharetta and throughout Georgia.

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