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Alpharetta Derm & Vein Solar Install 11.68 kW

posted by kevin on January 10, 2011

Alpharetta Derm & Vein Solar  Install 11.68 kW

The practice’s founder, Dr. Tiffani Hamilton explained, “I knew if we were going to go green, we had to do it right. It’s one thing for a business to say they’re going green, it’s another to be able to point to a solar array and demonstrate it with a wise investment.” “So many of our clients are effected by sun damage, now solar rays are helping our clients and reducing our environmental impact,” said the practice administrator at the Dermatology and Vein Institute. Their solar array is expected to offset over 319 tons of CO2 or 640,000 vehicle miles.

  • 11.68kw, 210w Kyocera panels
  • Fronius inverter
  • 17,217 kwh generated per year
  • 707,881 vehicle miles offset
  • 359 tons of CO2 prevented

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