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The Broome County Library is Going Green

posted by kevin on December 30, 2010

Bill Silva - Fox 40 News | Broome County

Bill Silva - Fox 40 News | Broome County

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The Broome County Library is going green, thanks to some new roof-top solar panels that are up and running .

The panels now line most of the roof of the library, They turn sun into energy that will be used by the library — plus enough extra to take three Binghamton homes off the grid.

One of the things that made the installation possible — the price of solar technology has dropped significantly over the past few years.

“I think the library has made a great stance here in demonstrating that this technology works today. It’s very robust, very efficient, and well-tested. So, it’s been around for years, and the difference is the cost has finally come down, and it’s in the reach of businesses and homeowners all across the Triple Cities and Broome County,” said Bill Silva, President of United Renewable Energy, LLC.

The solar panels cost the library about 100 thousand dollars, but officials say the installation will knock about 10 percent off of energy costs.

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